Mindset: Practice Positive Thinking: 7 Tips to Think Yourself Happy

Today, March 3, is National I Want To Be Happy Day.

This blog exists to help us all find and create more smiles in our lives.  Today I want to encourage you to explore the connection between your thoughts and the joy you find in life. 


Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale, US clergyman (1898 – 1993)

Our thoughts, not our circumstances, determine how we feel.  Remember the last time something went very wrong in your life and you just rolled with the punches unscathed.  There have been days when I am just in awe that with all that as gone wrong my thoughts are not negatively affected.  There is real power in being able to rise above negative circumstances and smile.

Think well and positive thoughts of those around you.  We can turn someone’s positive intention into a negative with the power of our interpretation.  Just as easily we can interpret any action as a positive intention.  Choose to believe all those you have invited into your life are there to enrich your life and you will more easily see the kind intent in all their actions.

Decide your interpretation of life.  Decide the Higher Powers of the Universe are on your side and live in accordance with that belief.  In all things see the good and when situations just seem unbelievably off, laugh at the weirdness.

Be aware of your lifetime accumulated thought patterns and decide where a new pattern would better serve you.  If you are unaware of what thought patterns are not serving you just think back on the last negative reaction you had to someone or a specific situation.  What was the situation and why did it bother you so much?  Ask the why portion of that question 5 times so you can get to the core of your response.

Value other points of view.  Others opinions are simply another’s’ opinion based on their life experiences.  Others opinions are not necessarily criticism.  If you find yourself getting defensive, look within.  Which of your sensitivities is this opinion hitting upon?

Everyone interprets the world based on their lifetime developed thought patterns because of this we all see things in our own way.  Acknowledging that we all interpret the world slightly different allows us to be open to new ideas and enriches our lives.

Use positive and empowering language.  Watch the words and phrases you use.  Speak in a positive and empowering way even when life does not seem to be flowing in your favor.  Shift the current by speaking in an upbeat manner.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter:

Consider these tips and determine how you can Think Yourself Happier Today.  Choose one tip to really incorporate into your life.  As your thoughts shift into a more and more positive place your happiness will increase.

This post was inspired by Richard Carlson’s The Principle of Thought.

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About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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4 Responses to Mindset: Practice Positive Thinking: 7 Tips to Think Yourself Happy

  1. Dan Galvin says:

    Thank you for your amazing wisdom, compassion, and commitment to sending a powerful and transforming message

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