Find Your Passion Challenge: List of 100

Today’s Find Your Passion Challenge is to create a List of 100.

This is an amazing process that can be used for many things.  This time let’s keep it focused on Finding Your Passion or Conquering Boredom.  You are going to be amazed and quite simply impressed at the way your conscious and subconscious mind will create a list of items, activities, places or people that ignite your passions and make you smile.

Step 1:  Set up your list on or in something that you will keep with you for the next few days.  I have mine set up in my phone.  I am rarely without my phone and have a great notebook app that allows me to keep it at my fingertips and ready to update anytime an idea surfaces.

Step 2:  Title your list.  For this list keep to the themes of Finding Your Passion or Conquering Boredom.  Go ahead and take some creative freedom and find a title that inspires you.  Some people find it helpful to ask a question, then provide 100 answers.

Step 3:  Let the brainstorming begin.  This is a brainstorming session, go ahead and allow the ideas to flow freely.  You are going to collect 100 ideas in one sitting.  Do not sensor them, judge them, worry about duplicates, or get stuck on really great ones.  Just collect them in full sentences or random thoughts.  Let your conscious and sub-conscious flow.  The key is to capture the ideas…not to filter the ideas.

There are 3 distinct patterns in this list of 100.

The first 30 ideas or so are easy, they are ideas you have already been considering or are already active in your life.  This is the easy part of this exercise.

The next 40 will be the most difficult.  This is where you go through a process of letting go of the familiar.  You will see repeats and variations.  It is critical that you work through these 40.

The last 30 are where the gems are.  These are the ideas you have been mining for.  Some might seem “out there”, but write them down.  This is where your subconscious kicks in and your logic let’s loose.  Remember your subconscious has been gathering the pieces of your world that matter the most to you, it is here that it will start revealing a path that ignites your smiles.

That is all for today…create your list of 100…you will be happy you did 🙂


About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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2 Responses to Find Your Passion Challenge: List of 100

  1. It would be helpful if you created an example like “my passion is….”

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