Live an Empowered Life: 29 Ways to Cultivate Your Passions, Talents, Skills, and Strengths

You have been blessed with natural tendencies which you can easily turn into passions, talents, skills, and strengths.  These are the things that others may struggle with, but you eagerly embrace, easily absorb, and enjoy developing.  These are your assets.  As you combine them and cultivate them, you grow and develop empowerment that is unlike anyone else.

“Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.”

African Proverb

Below is a list of 29 ways to cultivate your passions, talents, skills and strengths.  This is not a comprehensive list although I hope it will inspire you to come up with specific ways for you to cultivate and harvest your garden of passions, talents, skills, and strengths.  Starting today choose your area to strengthen, set aside a specific amount of time for this passion, and choose at least one thing from the list below that will cultivate your talent, and get started today.

  1. ASK QUESTIONS about what interests you to those who are more knowledgeable.
  2. Follow what motivates you.  MOTIVATION is critical to developing a passion, talents, skill or strength to its potential.  Follow your motivation and you will more enjoy the process.
  3. READ books, periodicals, newspaper, websites about your passions.
  4. Surround yourself with LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS.  As you interact with others who are developing their talents, the same or different than yours, you will learn about how others develop their talents and be able to apply some of the same processes to your personal development.
  5. Adopt a MENTOR.  Find someone who is experienced in what you want to do who is open to talking about their experiences, hearing your ideas, and guiding you as you grow in this area.
  6. TEACH as you learn.  Many say the best way to reinforce a new skill into your mind is to teach it to others.
  7. Identify ROLE MODELS.  Although it is great to personally know your role models there are many times when your only access is through books, websites, or other publications.  Identify someone who has done what you have done or is an expert in your area of interest and learn about them.
  8. VOLUNTEER for a position that will allow you to develop your talent or put you in contact with others in the field you are learning about.
  9. Create a STRETCH ASSIGNMENT at work.  You may need to work a few extra hours in order to complete your assigned job as well as the stretch assignment, but the extra hours will count as on the job training and surround you with others who are profiting from this skill set.
  10. JUST DO IT.  Give it a try.  Take action and see what happens.
  11. SEEK FEEDBACK.  Talk to others who are knowledgeable in the passion you are pursuing so you can bounce ideas off them, ask advice, or ask for feedback.
  12. ACT UPON FEEDBACK.  Feedback is a gift that the wise will not waste.  Incorporate the feedback you receive in an appropriate way.
  13. UNDERSTAND the theory.  What is the basic or overarching principles necessary for the strength you are developing?
  14. VISUALIZE you performing this skill.  Picture yourself in detail putting this passion into practice.  What are you doing, who is around, what do you hear and see, how will others respond?
  15. PHYSICALLY PRACTICE.  Find ways to practice the talent you are enhancing.
  16. When learning something new or pursuing a passion it is necessary to CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR.  To create change, you need to make change.  This could be changing other areas of your life to make room for the development of your skills.
  17. Create the MINDSET of _____________.  What beliefs would best serve you in strengthening this skill? 
  18. ELIMINATE LIMITING BELIEFS that are preventing you from pursuing your deeply embedded desires.  Your passions are a part of you and you will not be fulfilled until you pursue them.  The fears that are holding you back will dissolve when you pursue your passion with courage and determination.
  19. DAYDREAM about what could be.  It is fun and will inspire you to take action and grow,
  20. Gather INSPIRATION that fuels you towards the best you possible.  May it be images, sounds, people, etc…find it and surround yourself with it.
  21. Be DETERMINED to develop yourself and explore your potential no matter what is creating a block.
  22. Be UNIQUE.  The best expression of you is the authentic combination of your passions, skills, strengths and talents into your own expression.
  23. Don’t shy away from your combinations of passions, skills, strengths and talents.  EMBRACE YOU.  The world is waiting for your expression, develop it, and share it with us.
  24. JOIN A GROUP that shares your interest.  Being around people who share your interest will inspire you and challenge you.
  25. Attend CLASSES designed to develop your interest and perhaps turn simple passion into a profession.
  26. Subscribe to NEWSLETTERS about your topic of interest.  Besides learning about the topic you may develop a connection with the creator of the newsletter.
  27. Explore your passion with CURIOSITY.  Sometimes just getting curious and seeing where your curiosity takes you will lead you to amazing opportunities.
  28. Have FUN and play.  Do not put expectation on your passion, just have fun with it and play.  Learn and experiment because you love it.
  29. Work with a COACH.  A coach is trained to help people bring their best selves into the world.  A coach will help you develop your passions, skills, strengths and talents and support your path to empowerment.

Today chose at least one way to cultivate your passion.  It can be from the above list or from an inspiration of your own.  The important thing is that you start somewhere and you start today.


About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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3 Responses to Live an Empowered Life: 29 Ways to Cultivate Your Passions, Talents, Skills, and Strengths

  1. Ali Bierman says:

    Helpful suggestions.

  2. Rhonda Neely says:

    Excellent post Jodi! I love what you do to share happiness with the world giving everyone the knowledge of what it takes to love and enjoy life!!!

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