Mindfully Living in the Moment: Day 6: Rules of Play

Over the last few days I shared a few idea generation techniques with you.  What ideas did you identify for a new habit that will help you Mindfully Live in the Moment more often?  If you have a few ideas and have not settled on one specific habit to create, take our ideas through the below guidelines and see if you can adjust your idea into a habit to create.

There are three non-negotiable guidelines to creating a new habit.  Over the next 21 days I will share other tips with you, some of those will resonate with you and become your success factors, some of those will not inspire you at all, and some you will keep in your back pocket for when you need the extra motivation.  However, the three following tips are necessary for creating a new habit.

Play by the rules, but be ferocious.

Phil Knight, founder of Nike

Harness the Power of Consistency.  At the heart of habit creation is consistent action.  Performing your new habit at the same time, place, and circumstance everyday will move this new action from a place of conscious deliberate action to semi- or subconscious routine.

There are many who say it takes 21 days of consistent action before the action becomes a habit, which I tend to agree with although with some habits this can take longer.  On the new habit challenge this month we will use the 21 day guideline.  That means 21 days of consistent action, if you stop or break the streak, start over again as though it were day 1.  I will blog as though we never miss a day.  If you find you have missed a day you can start over again.  Just start over with tracking your 21 days and stay with us on the blog.  Each day you will receive a new habit building tip that will help you stay on track and create a solid habit that supports the life you are choosing to create.

If you want a daily reminder e-mailed, just subscribe to this blog.  You will receive the tip of the day in your e-mail.  If you use this e-mail as a reminder to perform your new habit you will not miss a day.

Keep it Simple Sweetie (KISS).  A habit supports your goals.  Goals are typically bigger and possibly complex.  Habits are simple behaviors that done routinely help you move towards your goal.  Keeping your new habit to a simple, single faceted act ensures consistent action towards your goals.

The overarching goal this month is to Mindfully Live in the Moment.  This is a big goal and what that means to each of us is uniquely ours.  Each of us will define it differently.  So each of us will come up with a habit that applied consistently in our lives will uniquely bring us into the moments of our lives with a realness we may not have experienced before.  To gain this experience, keep your new habit to a single faceted simple act.  If you do happen to start with something complex just keep going, the simplicity will reveal itself. As you continue you will discover how to reduce it down to a simple daily action.


Own It.  When creating habits you need to be fully in control.  The choice is always yours; nobody else should control this action.  So as you think about the habit you want to create make sure it is not dependent on anyone else.  If you fall, take ownership of the stumble, get back up, and make your course corrections so you can get back on track.  When you succeed, own your success and note your patterns of success.

The truly powerful thing about creating habits is you control them, since they are not dependent on anyone else and they are small actions done consistently you will see your patterns of success. You will see how you have the power to create the life you most desire.  You will find your obstacles, but shortly after you will find you have the power to remove obstacles to your success.

Your Habit Creation Assignment:

Take your habit ideas through the above three guidelines and make your habit a consistently doable act, a simple single faceted act, and something you can fully own.  Tomorrow we will start with Day 1 of doing our new habits.

My Own Homework:

I am still working on narrowing down my habit.  I will come back this evening with what I have settled on.


About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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8 Responses to Mindfully Living in the Moment: Day 6: Rules of Play

  1. I like your acronym (KISS). Self-love is important… after all, if you don’t love yourself, why would you expect others to? There are so many things I could work on… going to sleep earlier and getting up earlier, eating better, working on more than just my blog, etc. Thank you for this!

    • Someone else said the 30 days will pass either way, we can use them to create a new habit, explore a new area of life, or we can just let them pass and see what happens. I like the idea of a focus for 30 days (or the month). We will mostlikely see a great result or a new awareness at the end of that time.

      The other day I was visiting with my sister and she made a comment about my new habits. It was kind of fun to run through the last few months and mark them with the new habits or focus of those months. Creating a new habit each month is a fulfilling way to mark the passage of time.

  2. patricia says:

    Nice post! I think that consistency is key to adopting new ha bits when we have a specific measurable juicy possible goal for us. Thanks for this reminder, great ideas, I will be following the next posts.

  3. Nora Whalen says:

    Mindfully living in the moment! What a wonderful habit to create. There is amazing power in consistency both for good and bad habits. We must be mindful of the new habits we would like to create. I love the remind that habits are controlable. We all pretend to fall victim to our habits, which is just not the case. Love the Phil Knight quote. Looking forward to the next post.

  4. Living in the moment is definately something I need to work on. I don’t dwell on the past but tend to be too caught up in getting some future goal achieved. How much I miss in the meantime! I know I really do. Thanks.

    • Sometimes just a gentle reminder is what we need to bring us back to the present. For me I know I am not living in the moments and mindfully communicating with others when I start rushing them through conversation by finishing their sentences or answering their question before they finish it. Those are now signs for me to slow down and bring myself into true conversation…those are my gentle remnders.

      Are there things you do that you can turn into your gentle reminders to slow down and check back into the present moment?

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