100 Smile Challenge: 5 Ways to Bless Others with a Handwritten Note

Today, January 22, is Handwriting Day.

I don’t know the origins of the holiday but it is on my Hallmark Calendar of Holidays.  So what better reminder of how great it is to receive a special handwritten letter or card.  Consider at least one of the five ways below to celebrate this holiday and bring a smile to your face and the face of those you love and care about.

Connect with those off-line and out-of-town.  In my own life I do pretty well staying connected to those on Facebook, but there are special people in my life who live out of town who are not on-line at all.  Today is the perfect reminder to send them a card letting them know I’m thinking of them.

Surprise Your Sweetheart with a Card.  With In-Person, the Internet, and Phones as our primary connection to others our mail has turned into solicitations and bills with our weekly Netflix movies mixed in. Drop a card in the mail for your sweetheart reminding them that you think they’re amazing and want them to know that now and forever.

Send a Thank You note.  Let someone know their efforts were appreciated and made a difference by handwriting a brief thank you note then drop it in the mail or on their desk. You’ll make their day.

Leave a note of love, appreciation, and encouragement for someone you live with.  Put a post it on the washer that says “Thank you for doing the laundry Shianne. Your help around the house is greatly appreciated!!”. Or a note in her binder “Good luck on your finals today.  You’ve studied and done all the work, you’ll do great!”

Heading out-of-town?  Drop some cards in the airport mailbox.  It’s always nice to know someone is thinking of you when they’re away or appreciate what you’re doing for them while they’re traveling.  Let people know you already miss them and appreciate how they sustain you as you head out of town, it’ll be a welcomed and unexpected surprise when they gather their mail in a few days.

Today take on the Today’s Smile Ingiter by taking a few minutes to create a handwritten expression of your love and appreciation for a person in your life.  The time you spend in gratitude creating the note will bring a smile to your face.  And receiving your note will bring a smile to theirs.


About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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One Response to 100 Smile Challenge: 5 Ways to Bless Others with a Handwritten Note

  1. Such good ideas – we can never be reminded enough to show our love and appreciation. Imagine if everyone got a note of affirmation of some kind or another this week… what a buzz that would create!

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