I Love My Life: Create a New Habit that Supports You this Month

The times of my life when I was able to glean the most from my experiences, make the biggest impact, and move my life in the desired direction was when I was taking daily consistent actions.  Not giant steps on a daily basis, but small daily actions that turned into a big impact over time.  These small simple actions done over time established habits that support my larger goals and lead to more fulfillment.

For the last few months I have decided on a monthly new behavior to solidify in my life.  As a result I have transformed my morning routines at work and home with new behaviors and processes that better support my personal life and career.  It feels good to have a few more simple processes on auto-pilot.  All have really been minor tweaks that have made a world of difference in how I set myself up for success at home and work.

Developing a new habit is about putting a small piece of your life on auto-pilot.  As we consistently perform a new activity we start to move a behavior from consciously telling ourselves to perform an activity to an unconscious process.  We build new neurological pathways in our brain that incorporates that new habit automatically.  All of a sudden we realize we are living life at a higher level.  Instead of saying “I need to set up lunch with Heidi and catch up” for six months you will realize you and Heidi are closer friends and have lunch on a more regular basis.

Consistently building new habits allows you to subtly and consistently enhance areas of your life.  It is a really easy strategy to use when wanting to make simple life enhancing changes that for some reason just do not receive the consistent attention.

This month we are going to apply this process of developing habits that support us in achieving goals to habits that increase our satisfaction in life.  Yesterday I shared 18 Tips to Cultivating Contentment and Lasting Life Satisfaction.  I know there are a few of those tips that spoke specifically to you or generated other ideas for you.  What could happen in your life if you focused on one of those tips and created a new habit that brought more of the tip into your life?  You would experience more life satisfaction and fall more in love with the life you have been blessed with.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to return to yesterday’s post and consider the 18 tips.  Which tip would enhance your life the most or which one is your inner being begging for.  Tomorrow I am going to take three of those tips and show you have to build a habit that could support that tip and help you fall deeper in love with your life.

If you would like support in creating new habits that could increase your life satisfaction consider my FREE Program 30-Days to a New Habit.  You can receive the 30 daily action plans via daily e-mails when you send a blank e-mail to new_habit@weber.com


About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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One Response to I Love My Life: Create a New Habit that Supports You this Month

  1. Sara Martin says:

    Great post! It’s so true that investing some time and effort into habit formation pays off in a big way once those routines are automatic. Suddenly, acts that used to consume brainpower are now a matter of course!

    It reminds me of Susan Jeffers’ writing about our comfort zone. She advises making small, consistent moves to expand our comfort zone every day. Trying a new sport or hobby, asking an important person to lunch, whatever. Because as soon as we take that step, our comfort zone stretches into new territory and never retracts.

    Thanks for sharing your food for thought!

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