I Love My Life: 20 Minute Vacation

Take a 20 Minute Vacation to relax and refocus.  By getting away from the daily grind for a brief 20 Minute Vacation you recharge your internal batteries and return to your daily activities refreshed and motivated.

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”

Milton Berle (1908 – 2002)

 Living content is about making the most of your situation and gleaning all the great things that are already at your fingertips.  We cannot always jump an airplane to our favorite sunny location, but a 20 Minute Vacation is always a mind shift away.

According to Urban Dictionary a VACATION is a mild cerebral hiatus from consciously entertaining expectations from the perilous and numbing things that inflate our lives (i.e.  bill collectors, crappy jobs, stale relationships, etc.).  It can last as long as one desires and, depending on one’s skill, can go completely unnoticed.

Ok, that is the funniest definition I could find…a bit tongue in cheek.  However it sarcastically emphasizes the point a 20 Minute Vacation in the middle of an ordinary day can do wonders for our energy level by providing us with a refreshing break. 

Let’s look at a few 20 Minute Vacation ideas:

Greet the Sunrise with Coffee.  One of the key necessities for most vacations is to disconnect from distractions and take the time to recharge your body’s batteries.  Paint the picture of your perfect morning coffee scenario?  For me it is coffee near water, the sunrise or sky views, and a peacefulness that allows me to hear the birds sing.  Now fit that scenario into your life.  For me there are a few options.  There is a very cute coffee shop down the road from me with a beautiful patio, chairs, tables, outdoor fireplace and a man-made stream about the perimeter.  At my corporate job there are many indoor and outdoor locations that I can get away to for 10 minutes of any day.  At my home I have a front porch I like to hang out on and watch the sunrise over the roofs of my neighborhood.  In your life consider the places you can book your 20 Minutes to Greet the Sunrise with Coffee Vacation.

Enjoy a Favorite Activity.  One of my co-workers used to say that anyone could fit in 20 for exercise every day.  On the same vein I think anyone can break away for a 20 Minute Vacation.  Go to the gym, meet a friend for a quick walk, grab a coffee and your thoughts, take 20 Minutes to get away and breathe.  Whatever you do to get away for 20 Minutes, notice how you are feeling and what about the event you are enjoying.  Note the positive feelings and think of ways to increase those.  Those positives are the feelings of contentment.  Experience those more often and you will fall deeper in love with your life.

Plan Your Next Actual Vacation.  Positive psychologists say that sometimes we have more positive feelings around vacation time in the planning of the event than the actual event.  Break away to plan your vacation, making the arrangements and anticipating the event is fun.  Savor the experience.  Imagine all the things you would like to do and gather the information you need to make it a thoroughly enjoyable event.

Week in Review.  Look back over the vacations you took each week.  Which brought you peace, allowed you to relax, recharged your energy, made you smile, and brought you joy?  Which ones can you not wait to do again?  The great thing about a 20 Minute Vacation is that you do not need to save for it or make reservations for it, you can simply step away and do it.

Today’s Simple Smile Igniter is to take a 20 Minute Vacation.  Step out of the ordinary and into your vacation.  When you find that you would like to stay there for 2 hours longer, tell yourself you will be back tomorrow.  Remember your 20 Minute Vacations can be daily events.

What is your favorite 20 Minute Vacation?


About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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2 Responses to I Love My Life: 20 Minute Vacation

  1. Armi Niemi says:

    Mine would be a foot bath, doing my nails or putting a face mask on. I liked this post. 🙂

  2. great reminder, thanks! Mine is to sit and play with my dogs.

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