Operation Opportunity and the A – Z Blog Challenge: B is for BUILD RESILIENCE

Opportunities do not always come with ease just when we want them.  Opportunities can arrive in a series of events where we learn and build resilience though before we find the success we seek.  Resilience is the ability to work with adversity in such a way that we come through better for the experience.  When we respond to life with grace we find a tenacity that allows us to embrace opportunities even in the face of overwhelming odds.

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 1000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas Edison (1846 – 1931)

Edison’s quote is a brilliant example of how one can respond to life gracefully.  Responding to life gracefully is pardoning the disruptions, the failures, and inconveniences of learning as we move towards the opportunities of life.  When we learn how to respond with grace we build a sustaining resilience that turns into opportunity.  Below are 12 Tips for Building Resilience and Responding to Life Gracefully:

Tip 1:  Respond to Life’s Trails with Resiliency.  Resilience is a trait that can be built and strengthened.  It is not something you are born with or not.  It is a characteristic that you can set your mind to improving by creating an environment that supports you.  Commit now to being resilient and learning how to increase your resiliency.

Tip 2:  Increase Daily Happiness by Enabling Clarity.  When we are functioning with a clear mind we are able to see the options and alternate paths more readily.  Boost clarity by getting the required sleep, eating well and minimally, drink plenty of water, move your body, and feed your soul.

Tip 3:  Deliberately Do Things Differently.  Boost contentedness by adding variety to daily habits.  Take a different route to work, stop at a different coffee shop, or try new foods and drinks.   By frequently doing things differently you boost your ability to handle change which increases one’s ability to be content with our ever changing lives.

Tip 4:  Seize Random Circumstance.  In the best made plans randomness happens.  When we can seize the random and maximize the opportunities in the random we add novelty to our lives, we cause growth of new brain matter, and actually push back cognitive decline of aging.

Tip 5:  Create a Clear Understanding of What You Want.  Know the ultimate destination you would like to end up at then be open to the paths the universe presents to you.  Know your end goal, but be open to an even better result, by seizing the opportunities that present themselves.

Tip 6:  Find the Way Back to Luck-Making from Self Sabotage.  Learn to evaluate your actions.  Are your actions bringing you swiftly towards your desired outcome or delaying the satisfaction you ultimately seek?  If self-sabotage is a factor for you, learn to pause before you take action to evaluate the action the makes the most progress at the time then learn to take the action in spite of self-limiting beliefs.

Tip 7:  Learn from Past “Mistakes”.  The key to seizing opportunity is to learn from your past mistakes.  When things do not go as well as hoped understand what could have been done to render a more favorable result.  Learning from the past “mistakes” allows you to make small changes going forward so you can get what you want in this life.

Tip 8:  Anchor Affirmations in Reality.  It is easy to verbally beat oneself up after a defeat or error, but often that verbal abuse is not anchored in reality.  Most errors are simply learning opportunities, when we turn “I am so stupid” into “I know a better way.  Next time I will…”we seize control and set ourselves up for better outcomes the next time.

Tip 9:  Do What It Takes to Get What You Want.  Many people know what they want, but are not willing to do what it takes to get what they want.  Many found defeat in the past or cannot overcome the fear in today, but you are different.  You are ready to take the necessary actions and you are ready to get what you want.

Tip 10:  Do it Anyway, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It.  Focus on the result and commit to the process of getting what you want…even when you do not feel like.  Act as if you do feel like it, take the first step, commit to starting, do it for 10 minutes…just get started, even with you don’t feel like it, then once started evaluate if you want to continue.

Tip 11:  Develop Positive Action Habits That Promote Luck.  Habits are small consistent actions that move you in the direction of your goal every single day.  Positive action habits allow you to take daily steps in the direction of opportunity.  They also blaze a trail for opportunity to follow.

Tip 12:  Want What You Have.  So much opportunity is already within us.  We have been blessed with skills, resources, and possibility.  Opportunity is often within our reach, we just need to grasp it as the blessing it is.  It may not be absolutely ideal, but being resilient is about adapting to a situation and taking control of a situation.

When you read through the above 12 tips there were a few that touched an emotion within you.  Explore those tips that stirred something in you.  Is there an opportunity in your life right now that needs that tip applied to it?  For example, do you know you need to take some action, but just can’t seem to get started?  Commit to taking action for 20 minutes right now, commit to getting started, then after 20 minutes ask if you want to continue.  You will most likely find that 20 minutes will be just what you needed to make significant progress towards this opportunity and are finding the motivation to keep going.

I would love to hear from you.  Which of these tips will you seize and apply to your opportunities today?


About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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4 Responses to Operation Opportunity and the A – Z Blog Challenge: B is for BUILD RESILIENCE

  1. Anita Lim says:

    Thanks for your interesting post & I just popped over to see what you were up to for the A-Z Challenge. I think I’ve found building resilience in the past a bit too scary! I practise a martial art called aikido & find it’s an excellent tool for this & it’s helped me realise I’m much tougher than I used to think I am 🙂

  2. k~ says:

    Hello, I’m traveling through blogs on a mission to see all of those involved in the A-Z at LEAST once!… nice to meet you 🙂 I enjoyed your post, and most of the suggestions you made I practice in life on a regular basis. Life is what we make it.

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  3. Found you thru the A-Z Challenge and what a great find you are! I’m now following you. So much to see and learn here.. Thanks!

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