New Series: Savoring Life

This month let’s explore the topic of SAVORING LIFE, how do we enhance all the positive experiences of our lives to create more smiles in our lives?

Victory Stance on Beach

Top researchers in the field of positive psychology, the study of what is right about people and what makes us happy, classify Savoring of Life as the “Strength of Beauty and Excellence” or the ability to recognize, be present, and appreciate positive experiences (Classification of Character Strengths & Virtues by Peterson & Seligman).


We savor life when we allow our positive experiences to create an upward spiral of experiences, emotions, relationships, mental capabilities, etc.  When we extend the positive experience by positively anticipating it, fully engage during the event, and/or prolong the memory of the event we embrace a savoring of life mindset.

Each of us savor our lives in different ways, this month we will look at the research results and identify how we savor our lives as individuals.  When we understand the basic science of savoring we can make simple adjustments in our own lives that allow us to extend our positive experiences and create an upward spiral of positivity.

Join me each day in October for a brief post and simple daily ideas for how to enhance the positive experiences of your life.  We will look at…

  • The Importance of Mindset and the 3 Perspectives of Savoring
  • The 7 Strategies of Savoring
  • 5 Activities that will Help Us Evaluate How We Savor Life
  • 4 Feel Good Activities
  • And throughout the month we will develop one Savoring Habit that supports and sustains us in life.

This will be a month full of smiles as we discover how to savor and embrace life fully.


About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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One Response to New Series: Savoring Life

  1. Peggy Nolan says:

    I look forward to your month of articles!

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