Savoring Life Week 1 Recap

Dog on a BenchEvery Sunday during this series I will provide you a recap of the week’s posts. It is a great opportunity to brew a fresh cup of coffee and snuggle up with a journal and these posts. I encourage you to take some time and note your thoughts on this topic. Savoring life is simply extending the joy we experience in life. As we learn to savor and make simple changes that allow us to savor more, we life happier lives.

Savoring Life Introduction
We savor life when we allow our positive experiences to create an upward spiral of experiences, emotions, relationships, mental capabilities, etc. When we extend the positive experience by positively anticipating it, fully engage during the event, and/or prolong the memory of the event we embrace a savoring of life mindset.

Idea Generator
We only change our life for better when we decide to take specific actions that lead to our desired results. We can increase the joy we have in life when we create a savoring life habit. The Back to the Future Exercise can lead to a powerful perspective shift that can create huge energy and clarity with regard to how to extend positive experiences. You get advice and ideas from an older you and a younger you. Then you can narrow down the ideas shared into a new habit for the month that will have you savoring life more fully.

Savor Blockers vs. Savor Igniters
When it comes to drawing maximum joy from the good events of our lives our perceptions of how we should experience joy and our beliefs of how much joy we deserve will either block or ignite our savoring abilities. There are also times when doing what we think we should do robs us of the joy we truly deserve. In this post I share with you four of the most prevalent Savoring Blockers and provide you their antidotes, so you can increase your awareness of how these are playing out in your life and perhaps take some simple actions to refocus your life on more joy.

Me Time
Fridays are days where I am often tired and my energy is draining from a week of work. Feel Fabulous Fridays was set up to counteract that energy drain with simple strategies to bring my life to Friday. Part of Savoring Life is learning how to focus on you and embrace all the good that is happening through and around you. Sometimes life gets us moving a bit too quickly and/or others need our attention so we forget to pause to give ourselves the attention we need. This post is a reminder to pause a bit and savor YOU.

Create a Savoring Habit
Consistently building new habits allows you to establish or add to your track record of success and demonstrates that you can do anything you set your mind and intentions to. Even if your habit is to make your bed every morning the process of turning this from a challenge to a success will show you that you can obtain anything you set your mind to. Every time you see that well-made bed you will consciously or subconsciously tell yourself that you are successful and will apply those same success processes to other areas of your life. This month we will apply those principles to create a savoring habit that will lead to more smiles in our lives.

Next week we will jump into the perspectives and the strategies of savoring. I will also provide more guidance on creating new smile inducing habits.


About Jodi Rosenberg

I am a life coach, corporate project manager, and generally happy person who has chosen to express myself through the written word with the intent of making life better for all of us.
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2 Responses to Savoring Life Week 1 Recap

  1. jreneefraser says:

    Great post! How nice to spend your time encouraging others! Will bookmark till later…

  2. Peggy Nolan says:

    Hi Jodi,

    I’m stopping by from UBC. What a great synopsis of the week. I’ll be following each link back to read and savor your tips!


    Peggy Nolan

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