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Today is National Sandwich Day: Let’s Use the Sandwich Method to Get Things Done

Today, November 3 is National Sandwich Day.  From what I understand sandwiches were invented in the 18th century by the Earl of Sandwich.  To keep his bare hands from getting greasy he used bread as a buffer when eating big … Continue reading

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Feel Good: Toolbox: Set a Sleep Anchor

Today I want to introduce you to an NLP technique called ANCHORING.  NLP is an applied psychology.  ‘Neuro’ refers to what is happening in our minds.  ‘Linguistic’ refers to language and how we use it.  ‘Programming’ tackles the persistent patterns of behavior … Continue reading

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Play God Day

Today, January 9, is Play God Day or as I prefer “If I were Queen of the Universe Day”.  So let’s explore the question, if you were God today what would you change, bring into existence, or put an end … Continue reading

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Achieve: National Run It Up the Flag Pole and See If Anyone Salutes It Day

7 Tips for Developing, Presenting, and Implementing New Ideas Develop Your Idea Socialize Your Idea PowerPoint Your Idea Pilot Your Idea Finesse Your Idea Implement Your Idea in a Big Way Celebrate Your Success & Encourage Others by Your Success … Continue reading

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