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A-Z Blog Challenge: E is for Endorphins

Endorphins are the natural feel good chemical in the brain.  Your brain naturally produces these neurotransmitters in response to pain or extreme exertion to take the edge off and generally make you feel amazing. Experts actually compare endorphins to opiates … Continue reading

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Forgive and Release: 7 Steps to Forgiveness

A sure path to happiness is to forgive and release hurtful feelings.  It is not necessary to forgive and FORGET, but in most cases it is necessary to forgive and release the pain so you can regain your power and … Continue reading

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I Love My Life: 20 Minute Vacation

Take a 20 Minute Vacation to relax and refocus.  By getting away from the daily grind for a brief 20 Minute Vacation you recharge your internal batteries and return to your daily activities refreshed and motivated. “Laughter is an instant … Continue reading

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National Man Watcher’s Day

I love to people watch…especially cute old couples.  I am not talking about the old bored couples who do not talk to each other or interact with each other over dinner.  I am talking about the two cute elderly people … Continue reading

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October is Stop Domestic Violence Month: My Husband Is Verbally Abusive. What Can I do?

Written by Rhonda Sosebee Neely How do you know if your husband is verbally abusive? He tells you your arms are fat, you’re not attractive anymore, he says you’re always doing things the wrong way, you’re a lousy mother, your cooking … Continue reading

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Find Your Passion Challenge: What is Holding YOU Back?

If you have identified a true passion, something you want to pursue in life, but find you are not making any real progress in the pursuit of this dream there may be some real reasons why you are feeling held … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Stop the Blame Game and Take Back Control of Your Destiny

I recently read a definition of blame that I found exceptionally powered. Blame:  Self Perpetuated Misery I have adopted that definition.  Blame really is nothing more than creating excuses that keep a negative pattern of thought and actions alive in … Continue reading

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Feel Good: Thrive in Your Environment: 5 Strategies for Creating Your In-Home Retreat

“When you get right down to it, what we all need is a place to go… A place where we can escape the noise of our lives and just relax.” Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005 Today’s Smile … Continue reading

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Feel Good: 13 Resources for Making Hand Crafted Body Washes and Scrubs

The guest post by Roz Walker on Friday, March 25 How to Get Radiant Skin Naturally and the rising costs of everything at the grocery store has inspired me to research how to make body washes and scrubs.  I have … Continue reading

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Feel Good: Take Care of Your Health: How to Get Radiant Skin Naturally

Would you like glowing, vibrant, younger-looking, truly fabulous skin…naturally?  Are you looking for natural skin care recipes that will bring out the best in your skin?  While there are many great brand-name products available, creating your own natural products can … Continue reading

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