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Feel Good: Toolbox: Set a Sleep Anchor

Today I want to introduce you to an NLP technique called ANCHORING.  NLP is an applied psychology.  ‘Neuro’ refers to what is happening in our minds.  ‘Linguistic’ refers to language and how we use it.  ‘Programming’ tackles the persistent patterns of behavior … Continue reading

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Passion: Create a Passion Portfolio: 29 Thought Provoking Questions to Help You Find YOUR Passion

Your passions are what matters most to your soul.  Passions ignite your spirit, provides mental and often physical stimulation, and engulf you.  Passions often start out in small ways; interest in a new hobby, an instructor bringing you new ideas, … Continue reading

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Mindset: Ignite Gratitude: What are YOU Grateful For and Why?

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” Italian Proverb There is a rule I try to apply when giving a compliment or expressing gratitude. I like to add the reason for the expression. For example, instead of just a “Thank … Continue reading

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Toolbox: What Makes Me Smile Theme Board

Every Wednesday I am sharing with you tools for gathering the 100 Things that Make You Smile into one place.  Today let’s explore the use of a What Makes Me Smile Theme Board. A Theme  Board is very similar to … Continue reading

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